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Acting in the City



client: Norrköpings Konstmuseum (Norrköping Museum of Art)
Acting in the City is based on an idea of the city being a theatrical scene, where its citizens are actors and creators. Streets and squares are venues for events and meetings; actions or interactions are viewed as a role play. Group affiliation or disassociation is demonstrated by various attributes. Our choices, both conscious and unconscious ones, reflect our group belonging based on cultural background, class and gender, each being significant.

Who’s in charge of our urban space and who shapes our city?

Today, Norrköping is one of the few Swedish cities that still has unused, hidden spaces within its downtown. Similar to many other Swedish cities, there are remnants of days gone by, historical reminders of visionary ideas, like the Swedish vision of Folkhemmet, to industrial areas, each lacking modern interpretation.

Participating artists in Acting in the City each have their own unique background. They focus on questions of space and human behavior. The exhibition relates specific local occurrences to those of other cities from around the world.

The assignment of this exhibition catalogue gave us the pleasure of working with editor Johanna Uddén. 

Photo below: "Modified Social Bench #10" by Jeppe Hein. Photo by David Torell