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The Bishop´s new Clothes



C l i e n t :  Svenska kyrkan (The Church of Sweden)
Until now, bishops vestments have not been a pleasure to wear - being heavy hot, abrasive and badly fitting. But this set of travel vestments is stylish and comfortable in different climates and situations. The bishop of the Diocese of Visby, Gotland has the special duty of representing the church of Sweden abroad, and that requires a set of travel vestments that are correct and suitable for the work.  We had the pleasure to get this exciting and challenging assignment.

C h a l l e n g e
The vestments must be durable, suitable for all climates, and easy to take along and the assignment involves carefully considering issues of form and funktion.

A p p r o a c h
Our approach was to consider the bishop as a brand instead of thinking in terms of celestial garments. To make the fitting as comfortable as possible we collaborated with Lena Dahlström, costume director at Drottningholms theater, who is used to work with bodies in motion. Blue and gold are the colors of Sweden and blue and white representing Finland witch is the motherland of bishop Lennart Koskinen. The wool fabric and the wave pattern refers to Gotland and the Baltic Sea, the graphic elements have been stylized. The cross of Saint Nicolas is part of the bishop´s coat of arms, and the drop represents the Church of Sweden abroad.

C o n c l u s i o n
The bishop is very pleased. The vestments are ceremonial, functional and personal. 

Photos of the bishop by Bo-Göran Kristoffersson.