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Fighting ebola with a better protection suit



In order to develop safer and more effective personal protective equipment for Ebola care and also to prevent the spread has a Swedish joint venture been formed. This includes specialists such as designer, nursing staff, material specialist and others in collaboration with The Association of Swedish Designers and Design Region Sweden. The consortium also has expertise from the care situation in Liberia by working with Doctors Without Borders and with equipment for extreme work environments in the space programs.

The background to the project and commitment is that the suit which is currently used in Ebola care works, but works poorly. It is extremely stressful for the person who wears it, frightening for the patients, also expensive and unhealthy for the environment. The project to find better solutions originated from USAID. They have allocated one million dollars to find new solutions.

In just one day we managed to summon twelve people in different occupations to get together and collaborate in a workshop on how to improve the protection suite for medical workers on site. The result was an application for money from the USAID funds that the consortium submitted. 

The project was developed and refined by Martin Eriksson in his thesis in industrial design at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, and we gladly gave him some feedback on his work during the process. See his result here.