Olink Bioscience



Olink Bioscience is a Swedish biotech company providing products and services for human protein biomarker research and development. Olink Bioscience offers high capacity analysis services for comprehensive protein biomarker analyses. Dedicated analysis service specialists provides data to accelerate research and make informed decisions faster.

We worked with Olink Bioscience for a long period of time in their progress of building a strong brand, and participed in every aspect of strategy, design and communications.

C h a l l e n g e
We were commissioned to establish the brand identity, the various product families and to create the conditions and framework for producing all marketing materials. 

Olink wanted to create a visual identity for the company and its products. It needed to demonstrate a clear cohesion between the company and the products, but which nevertheless perceive the difference between the different product groups. Olink wants to focus on product branding with a obvious sender and to move focus from the underlying technologies into value.

A p p r o a c h
To provide a greater rigor to the logo, giving the company a more secure and clear expression we changed the color from grey to green and black. This also provides greater scope in working with the remaining communication, and the various product lines. We have chosen to use a graphic element decoration in Level 1 communication (i e the company). From this basic structure numerous new product symbols can be created, which gives great flexibility in future product launches.

In order to distinguish the different levels of communication it uses a system where the symbols are used in various degrees. The symbols and the graphic element to reflect the core values have been set with the open attitude of the company´s creativity to the basic shape creates endless new forms and products.